6 Things Private Equity Investors Need to Know About Franchising

July 09, 2020

2020 Shows Increased Private Equity Investments and Acquisitions in Franchising

More private equity firms have turned their focus to potential investments in franchising, and with the impact of...

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6 Ways to Attract More Multi-Unit Franchisees and Close the Deal

June 26, 2020

Every franchisor wants to attract a "certain type" of franchisee, and lately, the type of franchisee every franchisor seems to want is a multi-unit franchisee.

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How to Get Peer Groups Back on Track

June 11, 2020

By John Francis, Next Level Franchise, and Eric Stites, CEO and Managing Director, Franchise Business Review

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5 Ways Franchise Leaders Can Support Employees and Franchisees in the Fight Against Racism

June 08, 2020

2020 has been a tough year for most. As businesses started to open up and people began to leave their COVID19 isolation to become part of their communities, we saw another black man murdered while...

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Cultivate a Data-Driven Organization from the Top Down

June 05, 2020

Why Franchise CEOs Need to Involve Their Teams in Reviewing Franchisee Satisfaction Data

When I first meet with companies, I encourage the core executive team to join. Why? Because understanding...

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10 Myths About Franchisee Surveys Debunked

June 03, 2020

The Truth About Franchisee Satisfaction Surveys - What Franchisees Really Want

Franchise Business Review has been in the franchisee satisfaction survey business for over 15 years and worked with...

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The ROI of Franchisee Satisfaction Surveys

May 28, 2020

Franchisee satisfaction is a primary indicator of long-term system growth and success in measuring the health of any franchise system. When your franchisees are happy and engaged, their businesses...

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Why Does FBR Offer a Free Franchisee Survey?

May 27, 2020

When I talk to franchisors that haven’t worked with Franchise Business Review before, I always explain that we offer both a paid and a free option for our franchisee satisfaction surveys. I’m...

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How Important Are Franchise Leads Right Now

May 26, 2020

Cut Spending or Go All In During Uncertain Times?

Here’s a question: How important are leads to you RIGHT NOW? We know how critical leads are to any business, and especially in franchise...

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